Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Baltic Nights

After a wild search for a wide school of fish and squids the fleet departed with a toast to the end of the trip. All of a moment glance our electronic devices including the ship’s motherboard had fragged and shut down. We all looked at each other and fitfully wanting to turn things on but they wouldn’t. It’s like there was something in control of the cloud frequencies and the networks and the whole operation as if ambushed by some energy below. Fifteen minutes later the lights went back flickering on and our devices although our ship’s mother board took time to fix. We were about to take off until one of the passengers took off for a swim and he came back with the bottle and said “hey I bet you wouldn’t believe what I found down below!” then he raised his Andre tightly sealed champagne bottle and tried to open it..”any of you guys have a can opener.. then lights below appeared. There was a warm feeling in the water and we all jumped in the water and took off for a dive below. Amazing the glow was coming from below and it was more of a aura glow than anything else. Like a halo coming from a rock or some sort. Yeah then we reminded that there was not much quartz laying around and we scavenged to pick a peace of that glowing warm rock epatice. Then poking at our feet to go back up and whipped up.
This was not a job for deep sea fishmongers just roaming and bumping into some somaticaly glowing artificial intelligence below. It definitely drew questions and to claim something below we had a piece of it to prove it.
Three years past after the navy took over the site completely. In north of Wales a testament of lights generate the aurora and blissfully engage the shores of a well known science park viewing beyond just the Man of Isle. There was something energetically magical about the waters and it’s waves sifting as the tide retrieves back to the sea. Crustacean clusters flutter amongst the steps of this science park and scenic ports in limelight of eternity. Lightly norse demi gothic mythical feel of spiritual alms of the night to find a moments of serenity. The array of the sunset reflecting on the waters slowly diminish into pitch black unbreakably in any path. You’d have to walk in scuffle feet to get to where your going towards the facility both water and rubbled out motor or sand. However the colors before settling under the waters shimmered in columns in semi high contrast with a sequence as slight static element among the surface creating a surge of medium waves further out by the horizon point of eye sight. That seemed a bit strange over the course of accounting pier watchful view.... (to be cont.)

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