Sunday, June 16, 2019

Here's the Leather Deal

Here's the deal on Bisexual masculinity, so far the representing flag for Bisexual Masculines is in MIA today which queer and gays identifying as a dom role is a positive yes! This includes leather and bear masculinity and some or poly straight sexuality with above or low down on the hank roles.

Role models who have been there in the inclusivity of these categories below:

Former Ravers, Dj's, Musicians, Dancers and caravans
Spiritual Leaders
Strippers mainly respectively within BDSM
Pornographers live and video models
some surfers
City Farmers

Some exceptions such as minimal feminine behavioral observations and if not spotted or acted gestures. Highly autonomous yet open discussed within communities.

Some viewable examples sober and including non-sober environments that tend to co-exist or share co-existences.
Some acts which show exhibited but not limited to:
Mooning or Crotch gestures
Arm Wrestling and dare stares
holding hands is highly suggested
rubber doll or silicon dolls experiences which include BDSM training.
Fleshlights and some abstinence and stream video exhibition.

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