Monday, December 19, 2016

Genisis of 105470 AD

Centipedes walking in and out of a window frame. In milliseconds these creatures reach their terminal holes and crouch in deeply in the suits of a lost man on a meteorite with chips of golden hardware obliterated and splintered across the miniature craitor going miles into space dust in both timelapse and slow motion. The hands and feet are shrunken over time and drifting as a part of the pinned oblique rock that’s stagnant in a forward direction as it spins and forming with other culminating smaller meteorites particles creating a fractal abys within the dead terrestrial objects inside the dark obsidian thorian molds featuring an alm of ambience and a electro-load cybergenic gothic glow. As if the rock was became a sentient impact defying fossilization.

As this gentle feature floats asteroids and shooting stars and other extraterrestrial flights implode through lightspeed in the distance through hindsight across the Andromeda median light gradation. Many star clusters have traced their paths I wonder how many life forms have fleeted and conformed and subdued to subsequent succumb from life and waiver of essence of time.

From her stellar isotope peak tension like a nipple to a newborn terrestrial mammal you can see the filtering of nebulas forming and black holes saving them through all higher powers at work of bending the dynamic universal shafts of galaxies in the universe’s space terrestrial stratospheres. In time these stars with planets drop deep into these bends of abyss without a moment’s notice within the eye that can not defilter and tract any attention variably.

Who’s creating all these objects of light and matter of dark. What is beyond the functioning of these stars as a whole… is there any more beyond space? Who will ever go where no man has ever gone before?

From earth to the universe we discover we generate these questions from generation to generation detailing the meaning throughout time and subsequently finding more meaning to what we discover each time facing the realities and coming to appeal more meaning.

Life is not an island or a pirates cove on a meteorite. But it’s a pin hole to the dust bin of time that we give it from day one when we landed as a formula anomaly in subconscience of terrestrial matter and life after succumbing other extraterrestrial rations what was here before. Defying improbability and cumulating over evolution time after millenniums and generations beyond the maker’s tongue of existence or even from our creators vocal presence. From mirrors to mirrors and reflection of our creators there’s no pit stop. The new passing plateau of co existence has far formulated a new Annunaki tale of the reaches of existence. Where in other worlds are less likely forgiving. This is the tale of the new Annunaki life here on our earth. This is where the rejoining of what our future has entitle us to join in. Far beyond any civilization can spectacle in time lapse or in  slow motion of simple memory. What the Annunakis gave us is materially non existent like the Daleks of emptiness in a walkable city. They’ve gone beyond the antidote of time and purity of knowledge within formulation of light and passable travel. For here I end this note of givingness and passing the light within be that was formulated by love or a character similar to creation within that principle of our makers.

The Babylonians did not know how to overcome the power of succumb death when they themselves partaken in their own ratio of sacrificing their own kin to nearly zero. The power that be in higher power sense in affection to life in singularity of the mind soul and spirit is nearly what a binary power that pulls and pushes. There for it exists with and without computing technology. However the Annunakis can trace that beyond our timeline.

The story begins. The new dawn of civilization in the year of 105470 AD. The highest peaks of constructional frames reaches far the earth in reach of the atmosphere without a break of high winds or space debri. An elder priest at a temple is giving a sermon in hebrew for the latter men and women in the highest room. “It’s about time,..” in archaic english, The high priest Elders in this Quorum formulate a greeting passage entry to the next chamber. The chamber elevates upward and slow enough to not lose balance yet each level brightens up the chamber and the gravity is acutely lifting the feet to a very slight artificial gravitational pull to the floor surface.. The elder warmly smiles. Then he knocks with his staff twice to the elevated floor. The shaft opens in the midst of our terrestrial planetary atmosphere all areas except under the feet. “Hashem Mallechem see all the stars in our time, the prophecies has spoken and given us this gift. You may go beyond to reach our brethrens and sound the message beyond the tithes of hope.” “This is not the first time you will see this.. Let’s go..” The young boy slowly falls asleep under the elder’s cloak descending and gravitationally to the Quorum chamber.

Interrupted towards their cryogenic chamber a member of the high priest in the malchadesic groups and the short Sephardi elder of Lehi behind him murmurs in hebrew ascending his staff, the Malchedessic priest after getting translation asks in hebrew “Who are you?” and the highest priests forms in light and visibly mirrors in 10 separations of his physical light in their presence uniformly speaking “I Moshe am unto you, i can no longer go in and I can no longer go out” and the illusion falls downward and splinters into earth blooming matter on earth in every possible direction.

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