Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Grey's Noir Futurism

Today I had an interesting dream related to when I was leaving the scientology affiliation back in 2012-2013. I was heavily into the courses and found myself overwhelmed and withdrew from the courses. I couldn’t help to get the other church group I was involved with to help me with the dis-association with that later group. I left nearly unconditionally with one exception underlying a friendship departure and inter personal struggle of my own emotional set backs and weakness. My malady departed with those weaknesses with every religious or non religious groups I belonged to and sought them to help me be at right size. every moment in between I found to be at life terms to deal within my means. I later found mysteries of my own eluded thoughts on cryogenics and human development. I don’t take things seriously when I get engulfed with wonder and then have a deep breath of “ah so that’s why” way of shema before resting or sleep. Then my dreams become overfilled with strangeness of Greys and other filtering cryogenic stories of today into tomorrow passions of human capacity and beyond. The dimensions of travel between space and time created a bend in between moments of time from universal realities that we had once thought were dreams or fantasies. For instance the characterization if not the emotional affiliation of romance in roman era were but a mere example between mental physical and spiritual intensities. That could of happened weather you were at a temple or by the sea ports. Which is why those internalization become a serious predicament and an en-grained when for an example Mount Vesuveous erupted over Pompeii. Or the flood between Human Genesis.. or vastly deaths gathered by the catacombs of Paris.
The bend however explains this from point a to c. Point B is below and goes up and down vertically in one point but in two ratios, when a to c goes horizontal as two points of eminent time space travel in the universe. This is why we have sometimes split dimensions in the universe and divide between human and the connection between our primordial existence in the universe. Point A however resolves the interaction as a first navigator or compass to which we set the sails to a greater wider picture of our existence. It sets the sail to both what is real and illusion. The yin the yang the keter and the kefer. It all comes together in the center and creates almost an omni presence between the two worlds and bridges them in a transitional blink of an eye. Some would say it’s a miracle and others can detect it. The science and spiritual can exist. So do the areas which we all see as a prominent presence of the here and now which also is pertained in the future in short of words. Futurism by language is like chop chop from the sentence to brief expression. From Expression to abbreviated word to even the letter form of a character joining the spiritual to the here and now. Which can activate truths in the past and the future into the present. The works have been made and said since the beginning of time. A universe beyond the universe and the space between the two are set in different increments of travel or matter of existences.
The dream I had was in relation to the opting of grey and god in action followed by unknown awakening of the inner spirit and instinct which can connect between each other communicating the present and watching the future of an existing spiritual being present in a dream like state. Such as in the midst of waking up.

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